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2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj (two-are-tee-four-three-ij-oh-two-three-yoh-j-three-two-oi-h-j) is an alternate account used by Albert in order to Play Rainbow Friends for the first time, and has one of the longest usernames an alternate account by Albert has had in his time playing Roblox.



Albert joins the Rainbow Friends lobby and enters the main game. Once the game starts, 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj gets slightly scared by one of the main characters, Red, which orders him to find blocks, and the editor of the video put his text in a text-to-speech generator.

2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj starts to look around for the first time, and shortly figures out he can hide in boxes. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj then enters Shaft 122, and then he enters the shower. Shortly after, 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj encounters his first threat, Blue, and then runs away. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj figures out that he can hide in boxes to avoid being caught by Blue. Shortly after, all the blocks are found.

After the cutscene introducing Green and the short intermission, 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj goes to find packets of food. Shortly after, he encounters Blue, but Blue doesn't notice him. After, 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj successfully finds his first packet of food. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj goes through the vents and brings his packet of food to the desired location. As 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj leaves the room, one of his teammates is captured by Blue. After entering the caves, Blue enters the caves as well. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj quickly hides in a box and stays there until Blue goes away. Once Blue leaves the room, the last packet of food is found, and the game goes on.

After the cutscene introducing Orange and the short intermission, 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj goes to find fuses. Shortly after, he encounters green, and green kills one of his teammates.2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj decides to follow Green but encounters Blue and runs away. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj decides to bring his fuses to the desired location. After leaving the room, Orange is set loose, and 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj becomes a victim of Orange, ending his run, but he decides to try again.

The video cuts to 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj back to the fuse-finding part, and 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj is heading to bring his fuses to the desired location. Albert brings his fuses along with someone else, bringing 6 fuses in total. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj then encounters someone hidden in the closet, attempting to avoid Orange. his name is revealed to be tpoandl26. tpoandl26 asks 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj a handful of questions, such as "Can Blue climb the ladder?" and "What does Orange do?". 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj then spams "NIGHTMARE" multiple times to tpoandl26. tpoandl26 dies during this period. Much later, 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj finally finds the last fuse, meaning the game goes on.

After the cutscene about the machine malfunctioning and the short intermission, 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj is ordered to turn on the backup generator, under the promise that red will let them leave. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj then shames JohnnySantoyo for not doing anything to help, and then a timelapse of 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj finding batteries is shown. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj finds the last battery and brings it to the desired location, meaning the game goes on.

Red then says that 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj can leave, but first he's throwing a goodbye party. Red says that once everyone gets a slice of cake, the exit will open, and everyone will be free to go. Once the cutscene ends, 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj finds a sign saying, "Don't pop the ballons". JohnnySantoyo proceeds to pop a ballon, making Blue chase him and eventually killing him. Now the only one left is 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj proceeds to also pop a ballon, but he gets a slice of cake and the exits open. He enters a grey room with blocks and figures he has to block the exit off with them and climb a plank leading to the vents, which lead to the true exit. 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj exits the building and a cutscene plays showing Blue trying to kill 2rt43ijo23iohj32oihj but being dragged back into the vents.