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2010penguinboy is an account Albert used in the video, I kept changing my Roblox name so they couldn’t ban me where he trolls a military game and changes his name several times so he wouldn't get banned.


In late 2009 Albert decided to create the account CherryGROUP and had her join a Cherry themed group.

However, in over 10 years in the middle of 2020 Albert decided to use CherryGROUP to troll Roblox military games. Albert joins a military game but is annoyed when he isn't brung to a secluded area in the game. Albert ends up buying several gamepasses in another military game called Parris Island and joins it. CherryGROUP was brought to a small line of other military group members by a major general named shortfeelings after she (CherryGROUP) says C7RN. Shortfeelings tells CherryGROUP and the other Marine recruits about what they are going through when they join the Marine Corps. Albert then launches a rocket launcher at shortfeelings and some other Marine recruits as they get ready to enter the building, killing shortfeelings and another Marine recruit. CherryGROUP launches another rocket which kills three military recruits and leaves the game so she wouldn't get banned.

Albert changes CherryGROUP's name to Corporalrobert2222 and changed her outfit so he wouldn't be recognized upon joing the game again. Corporalrobert joins a different military game, not before buying some weapon gamepasses. Corporalrobert uses a rifle to kill three people that were being trained which causes him to be gunned down and kicked from the game. Corporalrobert returns to Parris Island and is brought into the same small line. Corporalrobert launches a rocket at the small line but only kills one recruit. The military members are confused on who killed who to which Corporalrobert claims he was shot so he brought back in line. When brought into the buildin, Corporalrobert shoots a rocket at the two only military officials in the server, killing them both. Corporalrobert goes on a rampage which ends with Corporalrobert being gunned down again and about seven Marine recruits killed.

Albert changes Corporalrobert's username to JENNYCOOL9992 and his outfit so he could continue his chaos. JENNYCOOL returns to Parris Islandonly to hear the military officials talking about Corporalrobert and how he was shooting at them, unbeknownst that JENNYCOOL was Corporalrobert. JENNYCOOL is brought to the line where she launches a rocket, killing three of the four military officials, she kills two more military officials along with four other Marine recruits before leaving.

Albert changes JENNYCOOL's name to sonicdevious23 and her outfit. Sonicdevious is brought into the building after saying C7RN and Albert notices that a member of the development team was in the server. Albert decides to go out with a bang (literally) as he launches a rocket, killing several Marine officials, he launches one last rocket which kills a military official moments before being banned. Albert attempts to find a loophole in sonicdevious's ban by renaming her to 2010penguinboy and changing his outfit, however this doesn't work. Albert still manages to troll military groups however on another account called treiangle22.