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“No” - 123masha100, various times.


123masha100 was a player that debuted in I made Roblox noobs think their account was being DELETED with ADMIN COMMANDS... and was seemed to be going through a mental breakdown.


They were first shown screaming “no” in the chat, and a few Russian words. Albert decided to try and make their house fall on to them, so he teleported Masha to their home glued on the floor and Masha got scared and unsurprisingly left. Albert than found out they changed their identity to a woman. Albert than stated he knew not all was well in their roleplay home because it was about to fall apart.






"No no no"

"Я ###"


  • They seem to be Russian (as they use Cyrillic characters) but mostly knows English.
  • It is unknown on why they started saying no a lot.
  • Masha went inactive around 1 year ago.