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0CROWNED is a Roblox player famous for making several sequels to the Su tart story.

Differently from Popcornlady1238 (su tart's original creator), 0CROWNED's stories tend to be scary and violent, with characters such as CREEPY, which aggressively kills people. They also ironically use bad grammar (unlike Popcornlady1238, who just didn't know how to spell the things she was writing). Hes also super attractive...

Even through his stories are called "Saddest Roblox Story" his stories always have happy endings with the villains defeated (except for "Happiest Roblox Story").

Characters created by 0CROWNED[]

  • traT uS
  • Officer bo jimmy bob john
  • Mr. Handsome
  • DoctorWhatPHD (He is a real player, he was not created by 0CROWNED but was added into 0CROWNED's stories)
  • ZERO (traT uS alter ego)
  • Bug




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