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"cause you must lie, or say bye"

- 01dark01boy01 to ILikeAUnicorn21

01dark01boy01 or DarkBoy is a Roblox user who first joined on December 17, 2017, only to appear one of Albert's videos, "This Roblox rap battle really offended me :/" on March 31, 2019.


He was initially shown wearing many free items, including an Incredibles shirt. He firstly grabbed Alberts attention by rhyming his words, using the word "dime" or "lie" many times. DarkBoy would try to rhyme random words with other random words and had many grammatical errors. Albert finding this amusing, laughs at him while mimicking his speech. As he won the match to ILikeAUnicorn21, Albert expresses his disbelief, stating that "not a single person should have voted." After this, Dark is giving a piece of "advice" to AxelPlaysss, telling him to "Stop thinking that you are the boss you will loose this." He isn't mentioned after this, as he is only seen in the audience spectating.



  • It's hinted in Dark's bio that he develops games, and as there are two games shown on his profile.
  • Another hint to Dark being a developer is shown by him having both the Homestead and Bricksmith Roblox Badges.

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